The Need

Whoever your volunteers are and whatever their backgrounds or abilities they all have one thing in common they all need role specific training.

You volunteers may fulfil one or more of the following roles:

  • Befriender
  • Mentor
  • Advisor
  • Driver
  • Campaigner
  • Office / Admin support
  • Support Group helper
  • Fundraiser
  • Respite carer
  • Advocate
  • Activity Leader
  • and more

Whatever yours do, the right training will ensure they are equipped to carry out their role effectively for your organisation, your service users and your funders.

The need for volunteer training is now universally accepted and with more voluntary organisations securing funding from the statutory sector it continues to be a priority. Volunteers come to you with varying degrees of experience and ability but all need training for the role they are taking on so it is essential that they receive adequate induction and training when joining an organisation; it is no longer enough to send well meaning individuals into the community with little or no preparation.

It is important to identify volunteers’ ongoing training needs so equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to remain an effective volunteer for the organisation, while supporting their personal development.

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All volunteers should:

  • understand exactly what their role is and what it involves
  • know where they can take any problems or concerns
  • know and understand about the organisations’ policies and procedures
  • understand how they can progress within the organisation
  • be equipped to deal with difficulties and challenging behaviour
  • know what supervision involves and who is responsible for their supervision
  • understand the organisations’ Confidentiality Policy and, if relevant, the Child Protection policy
  • understand about keeping themselves safe both physically and emotionally
  • be able to face and deal with the ending of volunteer/client relationships
  • be able to deal with different clients groups
  • understand how to work with vulnerable client groups

To the busy co-ordinator who has also to recruit volunteers, liaise with the clients and statutory bodies, worry about funding and raise awareness, training can sometimes take a back seat.

Our resource packs enable the co-ordinator to deliver the training volunteers need in a professional, enjoyable way without spending excessive time and money in lengthy preparation.

Regardless of the training you currently have in place Volunteer Solutions’ training packs will enable you to further develop your volunteers’ skills – good for them, good for you. This type of training is an excellent first step for volunteers who want to go on to take part in accredited training.