Workshop 4 – From Volunteering to Employability


Workshop 4 – From Volunteering to Employability


Fourth in our Workshop series. A half day workshop to deliver to prospective volunteers to raise awareness of how volunteering can help them towards employability.

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Product Description

Many volunteers say they are attracted to volunteering because they feel it may help them to gain employment. In a recent survey by Do-it-Trust 38% said they would be motivated to volunteer ‘to improve my CV or get a new job’. This workshop will help to motivate those volunteers who are looking to gain employment to take the first step.

This workshop is suitable for delivery by:

  1. a single organisation wishing to inform potential & current volunteers on how volunteering can help them towards employability.
  2. an umbrella body wanting to raise awareness of  how volunteering can help towards employability.

The Workshop will cover

  • How volunteering can improve employability
    • A look at the skills to be gained from volunteering
    • Identifying the right volunteer role to reach goals
    • Transferable skills gained while volunteering
    • Using volunteer experience on a CV, job application & at interviews
    • What next – Planning and plotting progress

This pack contains all you need to deliver this workshop –

  • Session timetable
  • Easy to follow timed activities
  • Trainer notes to help with the delivery of the activities
  • All necessary handouts, activity sheets and case studies on CD
  • Power Point presentation on CD

Price £22.00 – hard copy.

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