Volunteer Self-study Workbook – Being Diverse


Volunteer Self-study Workbook – Being Diverse


A resource for volunteers – to ensure they are aware of diversity issues and consider how they can contribute to greater diversity & equal opportunities within their organisation.

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Product Description

This pack is available as a download only. All our Self-study Volunteer Workbooks are now available in fillable pdf format. You can either print them off for the volunteer or, where appropriate, email to the volunteer for online completion and return.

Organisations must be ever vigilant to ensure they are diverse and reflect the community they serve. Volunteers may think that such matters are for the Manager or members of the Management Committee but it is the responsibility of everyone involved in an organisation to ensure that it presents itself as open and diverse. This self-study resource for volunteers will ensure they are aware of diversity issues and consider how they can contribute to greater diversity & equal opportunities within their organisation.

On completion of the workbook, volunteers will:

  • have considered how diverse or not this organisation is
  • have information about Equal Opportunities and Diversity legislation
  • have explored how organisations exclude
  • have reflected on who may generally be excluded from your own and other organisations
  • have identified how an organisation could change to be more open to different groups of volunteers and service users
  • have thought about the benefits of being more open to different people and groups

We know it is not always easy to arrange training sessions for a group of volunteers – time and funding restraints prevail. So in response to our customers’ suggestions we have developed the self-study workbooks that volunteers can complete in their own time and which will help them to gain the information and knowledge they will need to carry out their role effectively. For those volunteers who have literacy or support needs this workbook can be completed with the help of a ‘buddy’.

Once complete the volunteer meets with the co-ordinator to go through their responses and deal with any questions or concerns. The volunteer then has their own personal resource that they can add to and refer back to whenever necessary.

This Workbook is just £8.00.

This is a multi-licence product and you have unlimited printing rights for use by the volunteers within the purchasing branch of the organisation.

Also included in the download is

  •  A complimentary multi-licence Skills Portfolio for use by your volunteers
  • A sample completion certificate in Word for you to customise


Price £8.00

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