Toolkit – Towards Diversity


Toolkit – Towards Diversity


This Toolkit is all about moving towards being a diverse organisation. Ensuring that the way you involve volunteers, service users and Trustees fulfils the remit of being diverse.

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There is much talk of diversity and many organisations are doing as much as they can to be diverse.  But it is all too easy to sit on the sideline and think it’s about other people. It is not – it is about YOU and your organisation.

Diversity is everybody’s business from top down. Whatever your role, be it recruiting volunteers, increasing service user numbers or enticing new Management Committee members it is part of your job to ensure that your organisation is diverse. Hopefully this Toolkit will help you ‘Towards Diversity”.

The Toolkit will help you decide just how diverse you are and what you can do to redress any imbalance.

This pack is made up of help sheets, information sheets, templates and forms that together make a toolkit for working towards diversity.

It consists of the following sections:

  • Volunteers
  • Service Users
  • Trustees

Within each section it gets you to look at:

  • The current situation. How diverse are you?
  • The barriers in place
  • Removing the barriers
  • Raising awareness

It also includes information on the Equality Act 2010 in relation to diversity

This is a multi-licence product and you will have unlimited printing rights for use by staff and volunteers within the purchasing branch of the organisation.

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