Toolkit – Planning & Running Events


Toolkit – Planning & Running Events


This Toolkit is for anyone who is likely to be involved with planning and running an event. It will become your go-to event resource. (There will be a day after COVID when you will be able to run an event again! This resource will make sure you are ready.)

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Product Description

Events are the lifeblood of many voluntary organisations and normally begin as a ‘good idea’ on someone’s part. From that germ of inspiration though it takes a lot of work and infinite planning to bring about the perfect event. This resource will guide you through the processes involved in running an event that the organisation can be proud of and that will deliver the objectives.

It consists of the following sections:

  • different types of events organisations run
  • the objectives and the reasons for staging the event
  • skills needed to run an event
  • where to start and a look at the essentials
  • an Event Checklist
  • marketing & publicity
  • dealing with problems
  • evaluation and thank yous

This is a multi-licence product and you will have unlimited printing rights for use by staff and volunteers within the purchasing branch of the organisation.

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