Toolkit – Managing Volunteer Exits & Endings (and change)


Toolkit – Managing Volunteer Exits & Endings (and change)


When it’s time to say ‘Goodbye’
All volunteering roles will inevitably end and some will change and it is vital that any ‘ending’ or change is handled well for all those involved.

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Product Description

There are many reasons why volunteers leave organisations. Some good, some not so. Whatever the reason you need to be able to handle the departure well for all concerned.

The Toolkit will guide you through the process of saying goodbye.

The Toolkit also focuses on how to manage a changing volunteer role that might come about if the organisation has re-branded or had to change direction. This can sometimes present as a difficult situation especially with long term volunteers.

The Toolkit covers:

  • the reasons why the volunteering role may come to an end (or change)
  • the positive and negative aspects of the role ending
  • the impact of an ending for all concerned
  • preparing for endings
  • dealing with endings
  • exit interviews

This is a multi-licence product and you will have unlimited printing rights for use by staff and volunteers within the purchasing branch of the organisation.

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