Toolkit for Those Managing Volunteers


Toolkit for Those Managing Volunteers


We’ve been asked so many times if we could gather all the help / information sheets, checklists, and templates on managing volunteers that appear in our various training resources in one place. So we have and here it is  - A Toolkit for those Managing Volunteers.

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A Volunteer Co-ordinator’s job is a full on one – they need the expertise to recruit, train, support and manage their volunteer team as well as the ability to ensure that paid staff and volunteers get on well and that volunteers who need additional support are catered for. We’ve been told that you don’t want a book just the relevant bits of information and supporting documentation all in one place.

Not a training session or a self-help book – quite simply a toolkit containing everything you need to run a successful volunteer programme. This Toolkit is made up of information sheets, help sheets, checklists and templates, plus links to other useful sites.

Just dip in and out and choose the bits you need when you need them.

It consists of the following sections:

  • Volunteer Recruitment

  • Managing Volunteers

  • Retaining Volunteers

  • Managing Difficult Volunteer Situations

  • Managing Risk to Volunteers

  • Managing Volunteers with Extra Support Needs

At just £15.00 this resource is excellent value for all those who manage volunteers.

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