Pack 8 – Dealing with Difficult Behaviour

Training Pack 8

Pack 8 – Dealing with Difficult Behaviour


Every organisation has its share of ‘difficult’ clients, if your volunteers are not trained to cope, you could lose them. Help them identify the reasons behind the difficult behaviour and give them strategies to deal with it.…

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Product Description

Sometimes client’s can seem ‘difficult’ or present with challenging behaviour and volunteers do not always know how to deal with that. This pack helps them explore the reasons behind the difficult behaviour and gives them strategies to cope.

Aims and Objectives

By the end of this session participants will:

  • have identified difficult behaviour
  • have discussed the impact of difficult behaviour on both the volunteers and the organisation
  • have recognised the reasons behind this type of behaviour
  • have explored ways of dealing with difficult behaviour
  • have considered how to create effective boundaries

This pack includes an exercise on exploring the implications of clients’ difficult behaviour and practical activities on how to deal with it. There is a presentation on problem solving included.

This pack contains all you need to deliver this training session –

  • Session timetable
  • Easy to follow timed activities
  • Trainer notes to help with the delivery of the activities
  • All necessary handouts, activity sheets and case studies on accompanying CD
  • Power Point presentation on accompanying CD

Price £22.00 – hard copy.

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We produce a Volunteer Self-study Workbook covering Dealing with Difficult Behaviour  - useful if you are unable to run a training session. This is download only but comes with unlimited printing rights for use by the volunteers within the purchasing branch of the organisation, so great value at £8.00. See it under Self-study towards the end of the Products page.