Pack 32 – Working Alongside Volunteers


Pack 32 – Working Alongside Volunteers


This is approximately a half-day training session for all staff members who are or will be working alongside volunteers and gets them to explore the benefits and issues around involving volunteers. Comes with a multi-licence Workbook for use as a self-study resource. £22.00

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Product Description

Many organisations are now involving volunteers more and more and increasingly in varied and complex roles. The involvement of volunteers can have a huge impact on the staff who are going to be working alongside them. Whether volunteers are being involved in the department, section or group that staff manage or simply into the area where they work, this course will help them consider some of the issues – challenges and benefits – and how to get the best out of the relationship for all concerned.

At the end of the session participants will have:

  • explored why people volunteer
  • an understanding of why organisations involve volunteers and what benefits are gained by their involvement
  • considered the differences between paid staff and volunteers
  • discussed what they want from a volunteer
  • identified the hopes & fears of working alongside volunteers
  • shared ways of dealing with difficult volunteer situations or problems
  • explored how everyone can get the best from volunteer involvement


The Workbook

The Workbook that comes on the accompanying CD, can be used by any staff member who is or will be working alongside volunteers as a self-study resource if you cannot organise a training session but want them to have some support and training. It covers the same aims & objectives but obviously users will not have the advantage of working with a group. You could also give it to participants on the training session to use as a course workbook.

This Training Manual contains all you need to deliver this training session-

  • Session timetable
  • Easy to follow timed activities
  • Trainer notes to help with the delivery of the activities
  • All necessary handouts, activity sheets and case studies on accompanying CD
  • Power Point slides on accompanying CD
  • Self-study Workbook on the accompanying CD (multi-licence)


Price £22.00 – hard copy.

P&P: £3.25 (added to your order at the end of the checkout process)

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