Pack 29 – Managing Groups


Pack 29 – Managing Groups


A half-day training course for those who manage a group. Ideal for volunteer facilitators or paid staff. £22.00

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Product Description

A well run group can be a huge source of support for its members and can also be a major force for change and innovation. Without effective facilitation it can just end up a group of people without purpose.

This half day course will give both new and established group leaders the necessary knowledge and skills needed to manage a group that members enjoy belonging to.

Aims and Objectives

By the end of the session participants will have:

  • Identified different types of groups
  • Discussed the general purpose and aims of groups
  • Information on group theory and dynamics
  • Focussed on the skills & qualities needed to run a group
  • Explored the working boundaries of the group facilitator
  • An understanding of the basics of managing a group & adhering to Good
  • Considered ways of dealing with any difficulties that may arise within
  • Shared ideas for maintaining interest & increasing group membership

Ensure your group facilitators, whether paid staff or volunteers, have the training to enable them to carry out this important role effectively.

This Training Manual contains all you need to deliver this half day course -

  • Session timetable
  • Easy to follow timed activities
  • Trainer notes to help with the delivery of the activities
  • All necessary handouts, activity sheets and case studies on CD
  • Power Point presentation on CD

Price £22.00 – hard copy.

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