Pack 1- Recruiting Volunteers

1. Recruiting Volunteers

Pack 1- Recruiting Volunteers


The ideal pack to deliver to volunteer co-ordinators and managers, with new ideas for recruiting volunteers.

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Product Description

A three-hour training session on Recruiting Volunteers ideal for Volunteer Centres and CVS to deliver to project workers or co-ordinators from a wide range of voluntary organisations or for organisations to deliver to their volunteer co-ordinators or managers.

Aims and Objectives

By the end of this session participants will:

  • have evaluated their own methods of recruitment
  • have analysed their approaches to recruiting volunteers
  • have identified difficulties with recruitment
  • have explored avenues of recruitment opportunity
  • have practised new ways to present their organisation
  • have information on marketing strategies
  • have discussed the importance of selection and training

This pack covers looking at different methods of recruiting and practical activities, including targeting for specific volunteer roles and marketing. There is an additional exercise on writing press releases.

This pack contains all you need to deliver this training session –

  • Session timetable
  • Easy to follow timed activities
  • Trainer notes to help with the delivery of the activities
  • All necessary handouts, activity sheets and case studies on accompanying CD
  • Power Point presentation on accompanying CD
  • A complimentary multi-licence Skills Portfolio for use by your volunteers; plus other useful extras, on CD

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