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Training Pack Series

About this Series

Our training packs will take the stress and hard preparation work out of training – whether you are training project workers, volunteers or support staff. Each pack is a timed 2/3 hour training session, set out so that even the inexperienced can deliver a professional session. Each pack contains:
• Session timetable
• Easy to follow timed activities
• Trainer notes to help with delivery of the exercises and activities
• All necessary Handouts, Activity Sheets, Case Studies and a Session Evaluation form on CD
• All presentations in Power Point format on CD
• Suggestions for amending or extending the session
• Sample Volunteer achievement card and certificates on CD
• Training evaluation form on CD
• Training tips on CD
• Participants pre-course questionnaire
• Free e-mail support with training delivery
The packs are flexible and can be used for an entire training session or activities lifted out for shorter sessions.

Toolkit Series

About this Series

We have developed the Toolkits to fulfill the need of something when you don’t want a training pack or a self-study workbook but just need relevant information on managing a specific area of your
volunteer programme.
The Toolkits are made up of information sheets, help sheets, templates, checklists and forms, plus links to useful web sites that together make a comprehensive toolkit to cover all your volunteer management needs. Just dip in and out and choose the bits you need when you need them.
The activity sheets can also be used during training sessions.
They are multi-licence products so you will have unlimited printing rights for use by staff and volunteers within the purchasing branch of the organisation.

Workshop Series

About this Series

In answer to requests for resources to deliver more general information workshops to a wider audience, including community groups and volunteers we have developed these resources. These Workshop Packs are intended to deliver an informal 2 – 3 hour session. Contents are the same as our Training Pack Series. First in the series is A Workshop for Community Development. Further titles will be available later in the year and we can devise a Workshop Pack for your identified need – contact us for an initial discussion.

Key Facts Series

About this Series

Key Facts for volunteer management – a series of helpful ‘how to’ guides that gives you the facts you need to do your job. Presented in an easy read format with key tips, easy tasks and get you going ideas. This series will become key reading for those in the voluntary sector. These e-books will be available to download after check-out.

Self-Study Series

About this Series

Download only.
For times when you cannot schedule a training session but want to keep volunteers engaged. This series allows self-study of a particular aspect of volunteering and should be backed up with face to face meeting and feedback sessions.
The Self-study Workbooks comes in pdf format and are multi-licence products giving you unlimited printing rights for use by the volunteers within the purchasing branch of the organisation. All our Self-study Volunteer Workbooks are now available as eLearning resources. Having listened to our customer feedback, and being mindful of printing & paper costs, we have converted the Workbooks to a fillable pdf format. This will allow organisations to email them to volunteers, where appropriate, for online completion and return. You can still print them off when needed. Priced at £8.00 each we believe these are excellent value for all organisations wanting to ensure their volunteers have covered a specific subject.