How do I order and pay?

You can order the packs via the web site, email, phone or post. We will invoice you and payment is due 30 days from invoice date. Alternatively you can send a cheque with the order or pay securely via Pay Pal.


We now supply our products as downloads for customer preferring this method of purchase. We accept payment via Pay Pal using your Pay Pal account or a debit/credit card, or you can request an invoice. This is the only method of purchase available to non-UK customers – we do not send hard copies to non UK addresses.

How flexible are your packs?

We know from experience that our packs are used in many different ways and are totally flexible. They should become YOUR resource and not a prescriptive regime. You can deliver most of the activities as stand alone sessions and we know that these have been used at support meetings and as a quick filler or addition to another session. You could mix and match activities from different packs to totally customise your training.

Will you send a sample pack?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide sample packs, but will accept return of an unused pack in saleable condition within 10 days and we will refund the price of the pack. This does not apply to downloaded products for obvious reasons.

What would be a good starter for my small organisation?

We firmly believe that all volunteers should have adequate induction training plus any other training that will assist them is their role – so our advice for starter resources would be – An Introduction to Working with the Organisation, Working Safely, Confidentiality and Dealing with Difficult Behaviour. So for under £100 you would have all the initial training your volunteers would need.

Is the training accredited?

No. Accreditation would require a much longer training/learning session, usually 30 hours. We believe the packs fulfil the need for quality, first-step training. Accredited training could be offered later for those volunteers who want to take it up and we can give you details about accredited training – please contact us if you need this information.

Can I photocopy the packs?

As with all published material our packs are copyrighted and therefore we ask you to adhere to the copyright code. You can photocopy material from the packs for use within the purchasing organisation for each training session you deliver and you can of course photocopy the handouts to give to participants. You should not allow copies to be transferred to other organisations for their use.

Will the packs suit my particular organisation?

All our packs can be used within most organisations. The Case Studies and Situation Scenarios used cover a cross section of volunteers’ roles and service users. We do have a bank of Case Studies so could provide you with more specific material if needed.

I have never done any training before – will your packs be any good to me?

Our packs were developed with the beginner in mind. You will need to follow the advice about preparing for the training and to read through the packs, but certainly we know from feedback that in-experienced trainers find our packs easy to use. You will gain confidence with practice and you can always contact us for advice and support.