Fundraiser’s Resource Pack


Fundraiser’s Resource Pack


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Product Description

A special resource/information pack for all your volunteer fundraisers.

This is a slight departure from our normal packs – it is a resource you give to the volunteer – and has been developed in response to requests from the many organisations we supply.

It is not always possible or practical to arrange training for volunteers who want to raise funds for the organisation; they tend to come and go and are able to commit varying amounts of time. Yet you do need to know that they have an understanding of the funding needs and aims of the organisation, especially as they act as ambassadors for you. It is also important that they operate within the law and use appropriate methods of raising funds.

This pack will become their resource, it has sections that they can work through and complete with vital organisation information. They can make notes for their reference and plan fund raising events. It contains pages of useful tips and information.

Once they have worked through the pack they will -

  • know what they can and cannot do to raise funds
  • understand what is legal and what it not
  • have new ideas for raising funds and boosting income

This Volunteer Fundraiser pack is just £5.00 including postage and packing.

We can customise the front cover with the organisation name and logo at no extra cost.

Free P&P